Forms and Documents

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Town Clerk/Tax Collector           Employment
Town Ordinances/Regulations
          Fire, Police and Emergency Management

Town Reports          Parks & Recreation
Budget          Health, Welfare, Housing Standards
Capital Improvement (CIP)          Public Works
Land Use (Planning Board, Zoning Board & Building Permits)          Utilities
Master Plan

Town Ordinances, Regulations & Policies

Right to Know (91-A) Request for Information Procedure and Form
Appointment Policy on Boards, Committees, and Commissions (4/30/18)
Appointment Application (4/30/18)
Address Numbering (911) Ordinance
Construction of Roads (Adopted 6/5/23)
Discharge of Weapons and Fireworks
Dog and Other Domestic Animals 2004 Ordinance
Dog Ordinance for Ballfield and Beach 2011
Disorderly Action Ordinance
Investment Policy (updated 2023)
Parking Ordinance (updated 2015)
Raffle Permit Application (updated 9/2017)
Transfer and Recycling Center Ordinance (updated 8/2020)
Skateboard Ordinance
Snow Obstruction and Snow Removal (updated 2015)
Town Beach No Smoking Ordinance
Vendor Permit Application (updated July 2020)
Zoning Ordinance   (updated 3/2023)
Social Media Policy & Guidelines

Town Clerk and Tax Collector

NEW — 2021 Tax Maps ( with new numbering system)
Tax Maps & Tax Cards are now available onlineClick Here
Abatement Application
Property Tax Information Sheet
Boat Registration Information Sheet
Motor Vehicle Registration (from another NH town) Information Sheet
Vehicle Bill of Sale (1999 or older)
Elections Information Sheet
NH Voter ID Law Information
Marriage License and Certificate Information Sheet
Vital Records Certificate Application
Dredge and Fill Pemits Information Sheet
NHDES Wetlands Permit Application
NHDES Wetlands Permit Application for Minimum Impact Agricultural Projects
NHDES Wetlands Permit Attachment A, Determination for Impact Classification

Town Reports

Annual Financial Reports

Electric Financial Reports

Water & Sewer Financial Reports

2024 Town Meeting Election Results
2024 Presidential Primary Results
2023 Election & Ballot Results
2022 Election & Ballot Results


2019 Town Budget, Proposed
2019 Town Budget, Proposed — Explanation
2015-2019 Historical Expended Budget Comparison

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

See the Town Manager for Information

Land Use  [Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Building Permits]

Land Use Ordinances and Regulations

Land Use Fees (new 8/18/22)
Zoning Ordinance  (updated 12/2023)
Building Regulations (updated 3/2020)
Site Plan Review Regulations (updated 12/2023)
Site Plan Review — Basic Process
Site Plan Review — Multi-Family Dwellings Process
Site Plan Review — New Business Process
Subdivision Regulations (updated 12/2023)
Driveway Regulations
Commercial Earth Excavation Regulations (1/2021)

Land Use Applications

Site Plan Review Application (updated 12/2023)
Site Plan Modification Application (updated 12/2023)
Site Plan Review Checklist & Waivers (updated 12/2023)
Home Occupation Application (updated 12/2015)
Subdivision Application (updated 10/2020)
Lot Line Adjustment (updated 2014)
Voluntary Merger Application (updated 2021)
Commercial Earth Excavation Application and  Checklist (NEW 5/5/21)
Zoning Board of Adjustment Application (updated 4/3/2024)

Building Permits and Fees

New Permit Forms (fillable pdf’s) — See the Building Inspector page for more information.

Driveway Permit (March 2020)
Sign Permit (March 2020)

Report: Coordinated Review of Land Use Planning Documents With Respect to Wildlife Habitat, Natural Resources and Smart Growth Principles

Master Plan

Community Vision
Chapter 1: Land Use
Chapter 2: Transportation
Chapter 3: Demographics and Housing
Chapter 4: Natural Resources
Chapter 5: Recreation
Chapter 6: Community Facilities
Chapter 7: Utilities and Public Service
Chapter 8: Economic Development
Chapter 9: Cultural and Historical Resources
Chapter 10: Implementation (Draft 2)


General Job Application

Fire, Police and Emergency Management

Records Request Form (Updated 3/2024)
Parking Ticket Request for Administrative Action (updated 12/2021)
Self-Reporting State Accident Form (updated 12/2021)
Statement Form (updated 12/2021)
Pistol Permit Application (updated 9/2014)
Release of Motor Vehicle Records Form
Vacant House Check Form
Police Department Job Application / Personal History Statement (3/2020)
Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2019 (2019 update)
NH Building and Fire Codes Factsheet

Health, Welfare and Housing Standards

Housing Standards Board Complaint Form
Welfare Guidelines (updated September 2019)
Welfare Application

Parks and Recreation Department

Rental Form (Booster Club & Ballfield)
After School Registration Form
After School Child Pickup List
After School Release Form
P & R After School Program Parent Handbook

Public Works Department

List of Items to Recycle (updated 11/2016)
List of Disposal Fees (updated 11/2016)
Transfer and Recycling Center Ordinance (updated 8/2020)
Main Street Sidewalk Project Plan.

Utilities (Electric, Water and Sewer)

Billing Rules, Regulations & Rate Schedules (updated 4/2022)
Application for Electric Service  (updated 9/2019)
Current Electric Rates (effective 6/1/21)
Medical Emergency Customer Status (Electric) (Physician’s Certification Form)

Regulations for Water Department
Sewer Use Ordinance (Amended 4/2017)
Application for Water and Sewer Services