Conservation Commission


All 3 commission positions are open for appointment.


The Ashland Conservation Commission meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month (subject to change) at 6:30 pm at the Ashland Town Hall. The minutes of the meetings are posted below.

The Conservation Commission welcomes comments and questions. Email us at


Non-native invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed (also known as “bamboo”) and Oriental Bittersweet are not only a problem for homeowners and the community, but also for the environment. They grow in less than optimal conditions crowding out native plants, obscuring road sightlines, twining around utility poles and may even cause structural damage to homes and outbuildings. The timeline for best management is in late May or early June before the plant’s flowering time and again in the Fall to remove any of the new Summer growth.

Please click the links provided to help identify these plants, methods to manage and control their growth and important tips of proper disposal of the removed plants. Please contact the Conservation Commission with any questions or concerns.

Japanese Knotweed, Best Management Practices (NEW – 2018, NH Department of Agriculture)

Japanese Knotweed, Herbaceous Weed Control (Natural Resources Conservation Service)

Japanese Knotweed Fact Sheet (NH Department of Agriculture)

Methods for Disposing Non-Native Invasive Plants (UNH Cooperative Extension)

NH Guide to Upland Invasive Species (NH Department of Agriculture)

Invasive Plants (UNH Cooperative Extension) — includes identification, reporting and disposal of invasives.

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Are you planning a construction project as a homeowner or a contractor? If so, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) may require you to file permit(s) for the work. To help you determine what permits are required, please see their “Got Permits?” chart:

Please note, even if your project does not require a permit, there may be DES guidelines you must follow during construction. It is your responsibility to understand these requirements. Contact DES with specific questions.

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Attention landowners! Did you know there is an additional tax incentive available for protecting your small parcels of land? If you are the owner of a parcel less than 10 acres in size, which would be ineligible to be placed in Current Use, you may be able to take advantage of New Hampshire’s Conservation Restriction Assessment Program (RSA 79-B). If your small parcel has a high conservation value (such as undeveloped frontage on a lake or pond), protecting your land from development may be worth your consideration.

Enrollment of your land in the Conservation Restriction Assessment Program is a two-step process. First, you must put a conservation easement in place and convey the easement to land trust or government entity. Second, once the conservation easement has been conveyed, apply for enrollment of the restricted land through the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration.

The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration’s Form PA-60 contains the application and instructions. The form may be downloaded from the department’s website at Alternatively, the form may be picked up from the department’s office at 109 Pleasant Street, Concord. Applications are due by April 15th. The Conservation Commission is available to answer your questions pertaining to this important program.


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Grafton County Conservation District
Lakes Region Planning Commission
NH Association of Conservation Commissions
NH Audubon
NH Department of Environmental Services
NH Division of Forests and Lands
NH Fish and Game
Pemigewasset River Local Advisory Committee
Plymouth State University Center for the Environment
Society for the Protection of NH Forests
Squam Lakes Association
Squam Lakes Conservation Society
Squam Lakes Natural Science Center
UNH Cooperative Extension — Grafton County

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MINUTES of the Conservation Commission

2017 Minutes

November 29, 2017                      October 25, 2017                    September 27, 2017
August 23, 2017                            June 28, 2017                          May 24, 2017
April 26, 2017                                March 22, 2017 
February 27, 2017 (Joint Meeting)
February 22, 2017                        January 25, 2017

2016 Minutes

December 28, 2016                      November 30, 2016                October 26, 2016
September 28, 2016                     August 24, 2016                      July 27, 2016
June 22, 2016                                May 25, 2016                           April 9, 2016
March 17, 2016                              February 17, 2016                  January 20, 2016

2013-2015 Minutes

December 16, 2015                       November 11, 2015                 June 10, 2015
May 13, 2015                                  April 8, 2015                           March 19, 2015
February 11, 2015                         January 14, 2015                    December 10, 2014
August 20, 2014                           May 21, 2014                            April 9, 2014
February 12, 2014                        January 8, 2014                      February 13, 2013
January 9, 2013