Recycled Items List

Transfer Station & Recycling Center
96 Collins Street
Ashland, NH 03217


Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Noon to 4:00pm
Saturday – 8:00am to 4:00pm
Closed on Monday holidays

Recycling is mandatory in Ashland!


Plastics — Containers labeled with a recycling logo number 1 or 2. Caps are not recycled. Please wash all containers.

Glass — Glass bottles and jars recycled inside the building. All other glass, see the attendant. Caps are not recycled. Please wash all containers.

Newspapers — All newspapers and inserts.

Magazines — All magazines and phone books.

Cardboard — Corrugated, double-walled and brown paper bags. Clean, dry and flatten all cardboard.

Aluminum — Aluminum beverage containers only, i.e., those that do not attract a magnet. Please wash all containers.

Steel Cans — Cans that do attract a magnet. Please wash all containers.

Mixed Paper — You can recycle: office paper, computer paper, fax paper, soft covered books, posters, white/colored paper, manila folders, envelopes, junk mail, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons, brown paper bags, hard covered books (cover removed), school paper.

  • Paper that goes in the regular trash: Tyvek envelopes, gift wrap, blue print papers, plastic bags, food contaminated paper products, waxed paper, carbon paper, aseptic packages (such as drink cartons)

Oil — Motor and transmission oil only. NO GAS. Collect your oil in a clear or semi-clear container with a close fitting cover and label the container “USED OIL.”

Antifreeze — NOT ACCEPTED.


Batteries — Small household batteries.

Yard Waste — Leaves, grass, plants, weeds. Put in the compost pile.

Brush — Accept only up to 5″ in diameter. No stumps. Place butt end out.

Scrap Metal — All metal materials. Place in metal pile.

PDF version of the Recycled Items List