Building Inspector

Al LaPlante, Building Inspector & Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: (603) 968-4432
Fax: (603) 968-3776


The Building Inspector is responsible for all permits and inspections, including permits for building, electrical work, plumbing, driveways, heating, roofing, demolition and foundation work.

  • Receives applications and fees for the erection and/or alteration of buildings
  • Issues or denies permits, based on the compliance of the proposed project with the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Ashland and all other Town and State ordinances and regulations
  • Regularly inspects buildings during the process of erection or alteration
  • Brings to the attention of the Board of Selectmen any violation of applicable Town ordinances and takes such action in the enforcement of ordinances as may be directed by the Selectmen
  • Acts in cooperation with the fire authorities in any matter in which their duties as prescribed by law may coincide or conflict
  • Examines and, if necessary, orders the repair, vacancy or demolition of unsafe buildings and structures


Electrical Inspector: Contact the Building Inspector

Plumbing Inspector: Contact the Building Inspector

Driveway Inspector: Craig Moore, Public Works Director, (603) 968-3166

Life Safety Inspector: Steve Heath, Fire Chief, (603) 968-7772


DOCUMENT: Building Regulations (updated 3/2018)
FORM: Building Permit Application — Residential  (updated 9/19/16)
FORM: Building Permit Application — Commercial (updated 9/19/16)
Driveway Permit (updated 11/16)