Health Officer/Welfare Officer


Health Officer:  Charlie Smith

The Health Officer and Deputy Health Officer:

  • Enforce the New Hampshire public health rules and laws, as well as local ordinances and regulations
  • Serve as a liaison between state officials and the local community on issues concerning local public health

The Health Officer’s and the Deputy Health Officer’s responsibilities include:

  • Inspect daycare/foster homes and local schools
  • Inspect septic systems to certify failure
  • Enforce minimum standards for rental housing
  • Provide information on public health related topics
  • Investigate complaints regarding local public health concerns



Welfare Officer: Suzanne McCormack

Welfare applications are available upon request at the Town Office. Please complete the application and return it to the Town Office during regular business hours.

The Welfare Officer:

  • Oversees the provision of short-term assistance or emergency aid in crisis situations for the essentials of daily living
  • May also make referrals to other local, regional and state assistance agencies and programs

The assistance process includes a written application, financial review and interview. Contact the Town Office to schedule an appointment for an interview with the Welfare Officer. All information provided is and will remain confidential.