Fire Department

Ashland Fire Department
P.O. Box 856
9 Main Street
Ashland, NH, 03217
Non-Emergency Phone: (603) 968-7772
Emergencies: 911

Chief: Steve Heath
Deputy Chief: Robert Bousquet

The Ashland Fire Department serves the following functions:

  • Responding directly to fire emergencies.
  • Providing non-emergency services to the community.
  • Supporting neighboring communities with reciprocal commitments.

*All new projects MUST be inspected by the Fire Department.

Factsheet — NH Building and Fire Codes

Inspection Requirements Guidebook for Multi-Family Residential Dwellings and 1 & 2 Family Rental Units

  • The purpose of this guidebook is to provide the owners and prospective owners of multi-family dwellings general information regarding their responsibiities in providing quality, affordable and safe residential housing in Ashland.