Fire Department

Ashland Fire Department
P.O. Box 856
9 Main Street
Ashland, NH, 03217
Non-Emergency Phone: (603) 968-7772
Emergencies: 911

Chief: Steve Heath
Deputy Chief: Robert Bousquet

The Ashland Fire Department serves the following functions:

  • Responding directly to fire emergencies.
  • Providing non-emergency services to the community.
  • Supporting neighboring communities with reciprocal commitments.

*All new projects MUST be inspected by the Fire Department.

Fire Education Resources

  • This month’s Safety Educator provides information for educators of students in grades Pre-K through 8.
  • This month’s One Stop Educator provides teaching information to support 3rd grade students and teachers.

State of NH Adopted Building and Fire Codes (updated March 2019)

Inspection Requirements Guidebook (updated August 2019) for Multi-Family Residential Dwellings and 1 & 2 Family Rental Units

  • The purpose of this guidebook is to provide the owners and prospective owners of multi-family dwellings general information regarding their responsibiities in providing quality, affordable and safe residential housing in Ashland.

Factsheet — NH Building and Fire Codes (2014)