150th Anniversary Committee

1868 to 2018
Celebrating 150 Years of History

The Ashland NH 150th Anniversary Committee (Sesquicentennial Committee) was established October 7, 2013, by the Board of Selectmen to promote the recognition and celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Town of Ashland.

Chair: Jane Lyford Sawyer
Vice Chair: Kendall Hughes
Treasurer: Bob Baker
Secretary: Jeanette Stewart
Contact: AshlandNH150@yahoo.com

Order Form for 150th Anniversary Memorabilia

Schedule of Events for Ashland’s Sesquicentennial, July 2018

November 2017 Press Release

The new order form (see above) reflecting the costs of the mug, ornament, license plate and pictorial book, plus shipping, has been completed. It is available at the Library, Electric Company and Town Office as well as on-line above. The items are available for purchase at Elaine Hughes Realty office, 116 Main Street, and Fran’s Ceramics & Gifts, 48 Main Street. The 2018 calendar has been ordered and should be received shortly. We will be selling items at the Ashland School Open House on Thursday, November 16, beginning at 5 pm as well as at the Ashland Community Church for the Christmas Night in Ashland on Friday, December 1, beginning at 5 pm.

The schedule of events (see above) has been finalized for July 2018.

October 2017 Press Release

The license plates are here!! Cost is $20 each. They may be purchased by anyone, but if put on a vehicle it must be on the front only, the vehicle must be properly registered and inspected, and in New Hampshire can only be displayed from January 1 to December 31, 2018. If the vehicle is registered in another state, then the rules of that state apply.

Commemorative mugs ($10), pens ($2) and Christmas ornaments ($10), as well as the pictorial book with current and vintage pictures of our town ($29.95) are also for sale. We are obtaining the needed packaging materials so postage costs can be determined and all items shipped. Everything is currently available at Elaine Hughes Realty office, 116 Main Street, Ashland.

We have filed an application for a possible grant from the Meredith Village Savings Bank Fund to help defray some of the costs of our celebration. The final design for the utility pole banners is almost complete. It is anticipated that these will be sponsored by businesses as well as individuals/families and displayed in different areas of town. We will keep you updated on this project.

Any food or craft vendors or others who are interested in a space at the ballpark during our event on Saturday, July 28, 2018, please email ashlandnh150@yahoo.com or mail PO Box 15, Ashland NH 03217, with your information. Thank you for your continued support.

September 2017 Press Release

Memorabilia — Items are available at Elaine Hughes Realty Office, 116 Main Street, Ashland NH 03217. To order by mail, contact AshlandNH150@yahoo.com for further information.