Town of Ashland
20 Highland Street,
P.O. Box 517
Ashland NH 03217

Voice: 603.968.4432
Fax: 603.968.3776

Ashland NH Housing Standards Board

The Housing Standards Board has jurisdiction to receive and act upon complaints when a dwelling is deemed to be "unfit for human habitation" by the Health Officer, the Fire Chief, or ten citizens of the Town of Ashland.

Housing Standards Board Members

     [open position], Chairperson  (term expires 2016)
     Kendall B. Hughes, Vice Chairperson  (term expires 2017)
     [open position], Secretary (term expires 2015)
     Steve Heath, Fire Chief/Life Safety Officer  (member by RSA)
     Fran Newton, Health Officer  (member by RSA)

Meeting Schedule

The Housing Standards Board meets after receiving a complaint forwarded to it by the Health Officer and/or the Fire Chief.

Forms and Documents

FORM: Housing Standards Board Complaint Form

LETTER: Landlords of Rental Properties  (April 2015)

Inspection Requirements Guidebook for Multi-Family Residential Dwellings and 1 & 2 Family Rental Units

Complaint Process

Before filing a complaint with the Housing Standards Board, the tenant should contact the landlord and describe any issues concerning "unfit" living conditions. If the landlord takes no action, the tenant should contact the Health Officer and/or the Fire Chief/Life Safety Officer and set up a time for them to review the dwelling and the conditions.

Applicable Conditions for Filing a Complaint



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