Town of Ashland
20 Highland Street,
P.O. Box 517
Ashland NH 03217

Voice: 603.968.4432
Fax: 603.968.3776

Ashland NH Health Officer & Welfare Officer

Health Officer Welfare Officer

Health Officer

Health Officer: Frances Newton
Deputy Health Officer: Charlie Smith

The Health Officer and Deputy Health Officer:

The Health Officer's and the Deputy Health Officer's responsibilities include:


Welfare Officer

Welfare Officer: Suzanne McCormack
Deputy Welfare Officer:

Welfare applications are available upon request at the Town Office. Please complete the application and return it to the Town Office during regular business hours. (Updated January 2016)

The Welfare Officer and the Deputy Welfare Officer:

The assistance process includes a written application, financial review and interview. Contact the Town Office to schedule an appointment for an interview with the Welfare Officer. All information provided is and will remain confidential.